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Windows Command Line (60+ Commands), Batch Programming(15+ examples) and Automation Ideas (9 Samples)

What you’ll learn

  • Windows Command Line
  • Batch programming
  • Automation ideas using Batch
  • Task Scheduling using the batch


    This course explains in detail about the windows command line, and navigates to the various aspects of Batch programming.

    There are 12 batch programming examples illustrated (mix of both basic and advanced programming).

    The course covers over 60+ Commands and 9 automation idea examples that can be implemented from a basic user to an advanced user…

    The ideas presented in the course will help in automating few of the routine tasks that we perform in the IT industry regularly..

    The windows command line commands, batch programs discussed in the course have been attached to the course for trying out.

    Who this course is for:

    • Beginner
    • Student
    • Professional
    • IT
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