In this course you will learn about jest testing library and how to use it to write Unit and Integration test for any react Js application.

We will start by learning how does software development and testing takes place in a real live project in any company.

Then we will learn about the importance of automation tests and importance of writing unit and integration tests.

We will then learn about Behavior driven development (BDD) and Test driven development(TDD) and the difference between the two techniques.

We will also learn to create react app and functional components. Then write tests for these components.

We will also see how to Mock real API calls for our integrating test.

All these and much more we will learn in handson based approach in a step by step manner.

Following is the sequence we will cover the various topics:

0-Introduction video – Course Overview

1-Why we need Testing and SDLC

2-BDD vs TDD Testing Approach

3-Types of Testing – UT, IT, E2E

4-Creating React App and Adding Testing Capability

5-Creating Some DOM elements for Basic Testing

6-Writting and Running our First Test

7-How to get the Role of an Element

8-Understanding difference between getBy queryBy and findBy

9-Code Hands-on for getBy queryBy

10-Requirements for Unit Test Cases

11-Setup project structure and install react extention

12-Test case for Feedback Form Onload Scenario

13-Grouping similar Tests in one Describe block

14-Adding user interaction to our Test with the help of fireEvent

15-Understanding React Project Flow and Structure

16-State variable and useState hook

17-React Functional component and JSX

18-Developing the Feedback Form

19-Testing the Application manually and with Unit test

20-Using userEvent to test user interaction

21-Unit test Requirement for Feedback Overview component

22-Feedback Overview Test for No Feedback Found

23-Feedback Overview Test for 2 Feedback Found

24-Developing the Feedback Overview Component and Passing data

25-Executing the test cases

26-How to Improve your test cases

27-Requirements for Integration test scenarios

28-Implementing Integration test Scenario 1

29-Implementing Integration test Scenario 2

30-Developing the functionality of adding new feedback

31-Requirements overview for Mocking API calls

32-Installing MSW library

33-Creating MSW handler for create feedback

34-Setting up the mock server

35-Update the Integration test based on API call

36-Make API call for saving feedback via fetch method

37-How to Debug the Test case

38-Deep dive into understanding the Integration test and Mock server flow

39-Backend Node API and testing Frontend with Real backend

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