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In this class, you will learn to create this gorgeous realistic green landscape with a swing bed.

This is a resort in Bali, called kamandalu ubud. The moment I came across this image, I knew I had to paint it, and it is my honor to be able to teach you how to paint this gorgeous green landscape.

In this class, I’ll start by telling you about my limited acrylic art supplies.

Then we will do a color study by swatching out all the colors used in this project, where you will learn how to create different shades of greens by using only few colors.

Then I’ll teach u some brush works used in this class & also how to paint 3 dimension objects with acrylics.

And then you will get to see my entire approach from beginning to end, to creating this painting.

There are lots of levels of greens in this landscape. So we will create 3 layers of greens – back, middle and finally the front layer. And ofcourse I’ll guide you to create the swing bed in a step-by-step approach.

You will also learn to paint sunrays.

I hope you are excited by now to create this painting.

Gather all your acrylic art supplies,

And I’ll see you inside the class .

The REFERENCE PHOTO is available under the last lesson “Class Project”

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