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In this class, you will learn how to paint a monsoon landscape!

You will learn various acrylic techniques, color theory, blending.. and I’ll be sharing with you lots of tips and tricks along the way. If you have followed my others classes, you know how much I focus on techniques, which you can use to create any other painting.

I’ll tell you about every detail of working with acrylics and creating an amazing masterpiece. I’ll be showing all the art supplies that I used to create this painting and a thorough step-by-step guidance to create the breathtaking painting.

From an IT professional to a full-time artist & educator, I’m so excited to teach you here on Udemy.

From my career of teaching Acrylic Paintings professionally for 8 years, I’ve realised that learning how to paint attractive landscapes is as much about learning the right techniques as it is to practice daily consistently. I truly hope you get a lot of value from this page!


Fluid Acrylics
○ Black
○ White
○ Prussian Blue
○ Crimson Red

Thick Body Acrylics
○ Turquoise Deep Blue
○ Cadmium Yellow Medium

By the end of this class you should feel confident in your ability to create acrylic paintings and if you have followed along you should have some physical proof!

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