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Learn to create a 3D model in Maya then render it in a photorealistic way in Keyshot.


Creating a Photorealistic Render in Keyshot


Learn to create realistic renders in Keyshot.


First learn how to create a 3D model in Maya using Maya’s powerful modeling tools.


This course is a step-by-step process that is easy to follow.


I explain the process of creating a 3D beer bottle by showing you how to model it in Maya.


Some of the more common modeling tools you will learn are:


Bevel Tool


Multi-Cut Tool


Extude Tool


NURBS modeling tools


You will also learn the difference between modeling a low resolution mesh and how to convert it to a dense mesh using the SMOOTH TOOL.


Next, you will learn how to use Maya’s UV editing tools to create UV maps for the bottle.


I will cover the core concepts of UV mapping and how to create proper UVs


UV Mapping techniques include:




UV layout


Texel Density


Unfold UVs


Then you will learn how to export the mesh in Maya and how to import it in Keyshot.


Finally, we will go into Keyshot and learn how to use this amazing render application to create a realistic render of the beer bottle.


In the keyshot part of the course, you will learn how to use various materials and textures, labels and lighting techniques to create a beautifully rendered image. The techniques include:




HDRI Lighting


Material Editor


Material Nodes


Render Settings


This course is designed for students who wish to learn how to create simple models in Maya, and how to use Keyshot to render professionally looking 3D models.


Who this course is for:

Target students are those who want to learn how to create photoreal renders.

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