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Easy to Follow Guide to start CPU Mining SUGAR Crypto Today on a VPS

What you’ll learn

  • CPU Crypto Mining Using SUGARChain
  • Commands for Mining Crypto
  • Use of VPS for Mining Crypto
  • Connect to Different Mining Pools
  • Linux Ubuntu VPS Crypto Mining



    This is very Easy, beginners can handle this with just a little focus.

    Sugarchain Crypto is the fastest blockchain in the world! It is also the easiest to mine for CPU hardware. It’s like when Crypto was first introduced and easy to mine. Don’t miss this opportunity to start mining a possible Future Top 10 crypto. SUGARs Price at the time of writing this course was/ .00000014

    1. I will teach you how to mine SUGAR CHAIN Crypto with a cpu virtual server or a VPS.
    2. I will fully explain how to set up a Crypto wallet (SUGAR Crypto) to mine your SUGAR altcoin to.
    3. Teach you how to Obtain a SUGAR CHAIN wallet and address on an Exchange. This will allow you to Exchange your altcoin “SUGAR” for “BTC”
    4. I will teach you how to get a VPS to run your SUGAR Miner on.
    5. I will teach you how to access your virtual server using Putty to enter the needed commands to get your VPS Miner working and Creating SUGAR Crypto.
    6. I will teach you how to change the commands so the SUGAR you mine goes directly to your SUGAR mining wallet.
    7. I’ll guide you to where you can check your miners progress.
    8. You will be able to get your SUGAR crypto to your exchange wallet after I guide you.
    9. I will video guide you through all of this along with files with commands for building and starting miner will be included in course.
    10. After this course you will be very comfortable mining crypto on a VPS Virtual server.


    Who this course is for:

    • Beginner crypto miners
    • Want to mine crypto for free
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