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Defeat biases, boost performance, gain confidence and become a better leader!

What you’ll learn

  • Use practical, scientifically-proven tips to make better, faster team decisions at work.
  • Increase awareness of common decision biases and how to reduce their effects.
  • Efficiently include broad input from the right people in team decisions.
  • Communicate decisions clearly to build buy-in and accountability.
  • Assess your team’s decision practices against benchmarks to diagnose gaps make “tipping-point” improvements.


    This fun and practical course is the only management training with research-based tips and skills to help leaders like you make better, faster decisions at work.

    The numbers don’t lie:

    Decision-making is the most important part of your job. Decision-making drives 95% of business performance and 50% of employee engagement.

    There is a huge opportunity for improvement! The most effective decision-makers make better decisions 92% of the time, and they do it twice as fast with half as many meetings.

    Better decision-making skills will accelerate your career. Over 98% of managers fail to follow decision best practices, so get ready to join the top 2%!

    It’s hard to make better, faster decisions. There are no shortcuts. But the practices are easy to learn. This course will:

    • Boost your decision IQ with fascinating stories, statistics, and tools.
    • Share practical, proven tips for making faster, better decisions.
    • Open awareness of decision biases and how to reduce their effects.
    • Give you practical exercises and assessments to hone your skills.
    • Look beyond the magic moment of deciding to the entire decision cycle.

    The course is designed for managers and leaders looking to up-level their performance at work, including project managers, program managers, IT managers, engineering managers, product managers, marketing managers, and similar roles.

    Defeat biases. Boost performance. Gain confidence. Become a better leader. Join the decision revolution!

    CPE (Continuing Professional Education)

    Learning Objectives

    1. Define the importance and impact of improving decision practices.
    2. Name common individual and group biases that affect decisions.
    3. Determine strategies to mitigate common individual and team decision biases.
    4. Identify the seven steps of the decision making process to improve decision practices.
    5. Explain best practices related to each of the seven steps in the decision-making process.

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    Who this course is for:

    • Manager or director-level knowledge workers in mid-sized to large companies with decision-making power
    • Employees in roles that have significant leadership responsibilities even if they don’t have direct reports, such as project managers, program managers, IT managers, product managers, marketing managers, and other similar manager roles
    • Ambitious individual contributors looking to up-level their leadership and management skills
    • Executives with a personal interest in decision-making will benefit from the course, but they are not the primary audience

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