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How To Effectively Create & Get Your Upwork Profile Approved On The First Try

What you’ll learn

  • How to craft an exceptional Upwork profile
  • Proven client winning strategies
  • How to use these lessons on other remote work platforms such as Fiverr, Freeup, Tand optal


    This course teaches aspiring and existing freelancers how to craft an exceptional Upwork profile that is based on the same client winning strategies that other top performing freelancers in their niche are actively using on Upwork.

    The primary benefits for students include:

    • Saving time by knowing exactly how to complete your Upwork profile
    • Getting your Upwork profile approved the first time it’s submitted
    • Determining the maximum hourly rate you can fairly charge based on your current experience level
    • Developing a profile that is as effective as possible at converting a profile viewer into a lead or client
    • Creating a profile that gets invited to jobs as frequently as possible

    Students should enroll if they plan to make an Upwork profile and are serious about creating one that consistently stands out against their competition on this remote work platform and massively assists them in charging top dollar as well as earning clients as easily as possible.

    Bonus: Each lecture comes with a downloadable MP3 version so you can take us in your car, to the gym, while walking the dog and revisit all the valuable lessons in this course!

    Who this course is for:

    • Freelancers
    • Digital Nomads