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Out-of-the-box Customization of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement (CRM). A must have course for developers.


This is the second course in the ‘The complete Dynamics 365 CE + PowerApps developer Course series’. This a 8 course series that will teach you how to become an expert Dynamics 365 developer from scratch.




This course talk about Customizing Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement (Dynamics CRM) application Out-of-the-box (OOB) customization tools.


By the end of this course you will be an expert in customizing your Dynamics 365 CE application using all OOB tools available. This will make you get a strong command over customizing your application as per your business requirements.


We highly recommend you cover the 1st course on this series – ‘Dynamics 365 CRM + PowerApps developer course – Part 1’ as a pre-requisite for this course.




What you would learn from this course:


Course Overview


Dynamics 365 Customization basics


Customizing Dynamics 365 CE UI using themes


Customizing Entities


Customizing Entity forms


Customizing Entity attributes


Customizing Entity Views


Customizing Entity Chats


Customizing Dashboards




Who should Attend?


Anyone can attend this course as long as you want to become a Dynamics 365 CE + PowerApps developer but this course would make more sense if you are any of the following:


CRM Consultants




IT Managers




Software Architects


Job Opportunities for Dynamics 365 CE and PowerApps developers:


• Dynamics 365 provides an amazing job opportunity. There is a need for more developers in the market than functional consultants and administrators. 1:5 Ratio of functional Consultant to developers


• Average Salary $80,000 to $120,000 per annum for experienced 5-10 years developer.




Pre-requisites to attend this course:


Basic Dynamics 365 CRM Knowledge


Configuration Knowledge


Basics CRM Expertise


Highly recommend to learn ‘Dynamics 365 CRM + PowerApps developer course – Part 1


By the end of this course series you will be an expert Dynamics 365 CE + PowerApps developer 🙂


Student Support:


You will never let you down! For all your queries related to the course will be answered in 48 hours on best effort basis.


Who this course is for:

Anyone who like to become a Dynamics 365 CE developer or architect can attend this course

If you are looking to learn Dynamics 365 FNO or Business central this course is not for you.

Dynamics 365 and PowerApps developers

CRM Administrators

CRM architects

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