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Coffee painting is known across the world to be a perfect medium for therapeutic arts. It is an easy and simple way that uses natural pigmentation to create wonderful works of art that are endearing to the soul.

You do not have to spend any minute in boredom. You too, can also create your own work of art through the coffee paintings and as a coffee lover, it is my pleasure to welcome you to this class.

In this class, I’m going to teach you 10 mini landscapes that you can create very easily with bare minimum art supplies, by spending only 10 – 15 minutes daily.

Or you can just sit once and create all 10 of them at once. Choice is yours.

Coffee painting has the effects of watercolours… and you can vary the shades just by mixing different proportions of water. It also has an effect very much unlike watercolour or acrylics. You can create an amazing glow in your paintings by adding a concentrated amount of coffee.

  • I’ll start by teaching you how to create a good coffee paint…

  • Then I’ll teach you the basics of coffee painting techniques, using which you will be able to paint anything you like..

  • After that we will learn to create 10 mini landscapes

  • And finally I’ll teach you how to preserve your coffee paintings and create a beautiful coffee booklet

I’m so excited to see you inside the class 🙂


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