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Learn Google Spreadsheets and different functionalities

What you’ll learn

  • Spreadsheets, formulas, arithmetic and reference operators, plots, lookups and macros

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Three Courses Series:

1. Google Spreadsheets – Database Tools for Data Science – Free

2. My SQL for Data Science – Free

3. Google Cloud SQL for Data Science – Free

No matter how technical you are spreadsheets are going to be part of you daily corporate life. Whether you want to quickly analyse some data, plot some graphs or communicate with other team spreadsheets will be very handy tool for data scientists. This course starts with basics like overview of spreadsheet basics, excel ( Microsofts’s paid tool) vs Google sheets (Google’s free tool), formulas and then move to advanced topics like arithmetic and reference operators, text concatenation etc. Then move to important features like conditional formating, plots (very important to understand data), lookups, solver and macros.

Who this course is for:
  • Data Scientist
  • Data Analyst
  • Any Candidate starting for data science or want a career transition.
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