If you need to practise your JavaScript…

If you want to learn some new ES6 stuff…

If you have ever wanted to create a cool zombie shooter game…

Then this course is for you!

You will get experience using:

  • JavaScript

  • ES6

  • Classes

  • Arrays

  • Objects

  • Functions

  • Pixi.js

  • Animation

  • Sprite-sheets

  • Git

  • Netlify

  • Github

Creating a zombie shooter game is fun and a great way to learn some JavaScript fundamentals.

The game includes:

  • Animations

  • Basic Enemy AI

  • Audio

  • Input Handling

  • Particles

  • Game State

  • Collision detection

If you have a computer and an internet connection, you have all you need to take this course! You don’t need any expensive software and you certainly don’t need any drawing or musical ability since all assets are provided. Of course if you want to use your own art and music… you can!

In less than 5 minutes you will be drawing images on a web page and in less than an hour you will have a working prototype!

You will then go on to create the full game with awesome graphics, music and sound!

Once you have created your game, I will show you how to easily deploy your game to the internet for everyone to enjoy. The game can be used as part of your resume or portfolio and will really make you stand out since it’s not another boring ‘To Do List’!

Full source code is included.

I hope you enjoy the course!

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