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Learn Data Cleaning and Formatting with Power Query | Building Analytics Report with PowerBI and Power Query


In this course you will be learning about performing various operations on a dataset using Power Query editor in Microsoft Power BI Business Intelligence software. Power Query is widely used in the industry as quick and easy way to perform various kinds of advanced operations on a dataset using just a matter of few clicks. Although it supports advanced programming support with languages like Python and R. Power Query can be used in Microsoft Power BI as well as Microsoft Excel. Here, you will be learning everything on Power BI Query editor.


Power Query can be used for Cleaning and Preparing Dataset suitable for conducting further analysis and finding Insights by creating Visualization charts and Analytics reports in any business intelligence software including Power BI. Power query allows a wide range of functions and operations for data preparation. These process are key components for Data Science and thus Power BI can be effectively used as a BI software for conducting all phases of Data Science. Using Power BI you can clean and prepare your data, create models and drive insights by creating visualization charts and reports. This course is primarily focused on First stage of data science, that is Data cleaning and Preparation with Power Query.


In this course, you will be learning following Power Query functions and operations-


Row deletion and Column Split


Replace Column values


Column Merge


Adding Suffix and Prefix


Converting text to Lowercase and Uppercase


Adding and Transforming columns


Extract Function


Extract based on delimiter


Adding Conditional and Index Column


Date Functions in Power Query


Query Editor options and settings


Date and Time function- Age calculation and more


Time Functions




Who this course is for:

This course is primarily for people who are curious to learn Power Query functions in Power BI

People interested in Learning Data Cleaning with Power BI

People interested to learn Data Visualization with Power BI

Anyone interested to advance their data skills and aspiring data scientist

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