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You want to start a YouTube channel but you don’t have the time to film your own videos or you don’t want to show your face… that’s ok! Many channels make great videos, earn and grow without ever filming a thing themselves.

With YouTubes Fairuse policy you are able to take footage from other videos; other YouTube videos, movies, stock footage and create videos using these (but only in certain ways… we’ll explain all).

I’ll show you how to get these video clips, exactly what you can and can’t do with different types of videos (so you don’t get a copyright strike from youtube); how to download these videos from online; get copyright free music, free stock footage, edit these, sound effect and so much more!

If you’re not sure what types of videos you want to make, what niche of genre; that’s OK too! I have 10 examples of youtube niches that don’t use their own recorded video footage and are successful and with the practice exercise in this course i’ll show you exactly how to find out what you should be making videos about, how to do this and also the different CPMs (how much money you can make) per niche/genre.

Covered in this course:

What’s allowed using other recorded footage

Ideas about what to make a channel/videos about

How to find the niche YOU should make about

How to find and download videos step-by-step

How to find music to use (free and paid)

How to get sound effects (free)

Finding people to edit/create these for you

Editing advice

Thumbnails (where to create these for free)

How youTube works – grow and making money

How to grow (making and upload schedule calendar)

Step-by-step uploading to youtube

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