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Chatgpt is an amazing technology, but it is only step one.  While Chatgpt can give great answers to questions, it is not able to plan or evaluate its answers.  For that reason Chatgpt is not enough, Autogpt is what we need now.  Unlike Chatgpt, Autogpt is self prompting and able to plan prompts for itself and evaluate the quality of the responses.  This gives it significantly more abilities than Chatgpt.  Even if Autogpt is to intensive for your computer skills you can still get in on the self prompting/ self planing part of Chatgpt by using Agentgpt. 

While Autogpt is not a complete technology yet, it is an important next step in Ai and using Chatgpt.  Autogpt is not a technology that you can afford to be left behind on just as Chatgpt is an advancement that you cannot afford to get left behind on. 

You will learn how to use Chatgpt beyond just being given a list of prompts.  You will learn how to write quality prompts for yourself.  Long lists of prompts are not what you need to learn.  Many of the prompts will not be relevant to you, and then you will not know how to produce high quality prompts for yourself. 

Why you should take this course:

1. Responsive teaching.  As a professional secondary teacher, I know that one of the keys to learning is timely feedback especially in difficult material like Chatgpt and other Ai tools.  That is why I am committed to responding to questions as soon as possible on all questions about Chatgpt, Autogpt, and all course content.  I am waiting to answer questions to further your learning beyond just the course material, which is important because Chatgpt is an evolving technology that will continue to change and improve.

2. Expanding Content.  The number of AI tools is constantly expanding as ChatGPT and other tools are being used in new and exciting ways.  Everyday new tools using Chatgpt are being made and improved.  For this reason a good course on Chatgpt and AI tools must continue to add new content and improve old content.  I am committed to adding more material on Chatgpt and updating material as new advances in technology are made.  I am also committed to adding Chatgpt and other Ai tools material based on your feedback. 

3. Increase Productivity.  Using Chatgpt, Autogpt and other Ai Tools you will be able to save time in your work flow and be able to focus on the important aspects of your job or interests.  We spend so much time doing repetitive task that now can be performed by Ai tools such as Chatgpt.  Take this class to learn how to save time with Chatgpt and spend more time on the important things.

What you will learn: This class will take you from knowing nothing about AI tools and ChatGPT, to being able to use AI tools to increase your work flow. 

You will:

1. Create an app without programing using a Chatgpt enabled website that is able to produce Langchain apps like without programming

2. Create and Improve ChatGPT prompts

3. Create a Digital Assistant to perform tasks for you that uses Chatgpt to answer, evaluate and improve responses

4. Create a website that answers questions using ChatGPT

5. Compose Emails with one click that will use context of previous emails and chatgpt to produce high quality responses

6. Create a design with a short description or example picture using Canva which is like Chatgpt for design

7. Create a digital assistant to perform research which using Chatgpt just as a base and then plans, evaluates and improves chatgpt responses.

Welcome to THE class on ChatGPT and AI tools! In today’s rapidly evolving business landscape, leveraging cutting-edge technologies is crucial for staying ahead. ChatGPT, an advanced AI language model, is a game-changer in this regard. By harnessing Chatgpt’s capabilities, businesses can optimize their operations, save valuable time, and maximize cost-efficiency. ChatGPT empowers organizations with its ability to automate various tasks, streamline customer interactions, and provide intelligent insights. Chatgpt enables businesses to scale their operations, enhance customer satisfaction, and ultimately boost profitability. Join us to explore the immense potential of ChatGPT and AI tools, and learn how they can revolutionize your business by saving time and money while driving sustainable growth.


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