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Learn attractive and informative statistical graphics and data visualization in Python


As training goes ahead, individuals will start realizing the importance and value of seaborn training with diverse skills and concepts that are going to be taught under this training program. The curriculum of the training program is developed in such a way that it helps in getting all the industry requirements and also takes squares of individuals’ requirements who are investing their time and efforts in learning something new and interesting. The core skills that are going to be covered under this training program are as follows:


Introduction of Seaborn


Visualizing Statistical Relationships


Scatter Plot


Line Plots


Plotting with Categorical Data


Showing Multiple Relationships with Facets


Categorical Scatterplots


Distributions of Observations within Categories


Statistical Estimation within Categories


















One will learn about introduction to seaborn, o review of the training, different types of plots, distribution plot, scatterplot and heat map, case studies of scatter plot, boxplot, bank problem, case study on swarm plot, etc.


Other skills that are going to be covered under this training program is visualizing statistical relationships which include scatterplots, line plots, plotting with categorical data, showing multiple relationships with facets, categorical scatter plots, distribution of observations with categories, statistical estimation with categories, count plot, point plot, boxplot, bar plot, use of reference files, etc.


Who this course is for:

Data scientists, data engineers, analysts, consultants, software developers, software engineers, testers.

The target audience becomes anybody who is interested in learning this Python Seaborn Tutorial and follows the above-mentioned pre-requisites

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