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Welcome to the ‘Starting with Hilla from Vaadin’ course. With this course, you are going to add value to your existing JAVA and SpringBoot knowledge by getting familiar with Hilla web framework. Adopting Hilla will help you create a full-stack (frontend/backend) applications in one project structure using a well know technologies like Java, Typescript, SpringBoot, and Node.js.

The course covers several topics often useful in corporate JAVA development but not exclusively. SpringBoot is being used here as an underlying framework used by Hilla web framework by default. Hilla integrates a Spring Boot Java back end with a reactive TypeScript front end. It helps you build apps faster with type-safe server communication, including UI components, and integrated tooling.

The primary idea of this course is to help existing SpringBoot/Java developers to adopt Hilla web framework and move from common backend development to frontend also. Hilla makes this connection much more feasible and you hopefully get a taste of this in our course. Are you working with Angular or React with SpringBoot backend? This course can help you to get a taste of more tight integration Hilla makes to SpringBoot backend and reuse your existing SpringBoot skills on a full scale.

Topics covered by this course:
During a course, we create a basic Hilla single-page application and each lecture will add a new enhancement to it. Eventually, we create a single application with many different features.

  • understanding Hilla project structure

  • creating a single-page Hilla application step-by-step

  • using MongoDB as persistent data storage

  • collaboration using server Push technology

  • export application data in MS Excel format

An important part of this course is to realize ‘what we don’t need to do’ when using Hilla. Simplification can be huge and the old saying that ‘the best code is the code you don’t have to write’ is proven here.

GitHub repository:

The source code is available through the link attached to the last lecture in this course. You can clone the repo and use the code snippets we are building in this course.

Who is this course for:

‘Starting with Hilla’ course is targeted at individuals or small/medium teams of professional Java developers that want to be productive and competitive in this large market. You will see how Hilla and Vaadin take away the unnatural “need” to split teams into Frontend and Backend developers, with all the communication hassles that come with that all the time.