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Arithmetic Algebra Geometry Trigonometry Numbers Probability Statistics Vedic & Mental Math logical Puzzles Permutations


Hi Students, here I am going to tell you how our course is different from others:


1. Our course is designed through White Board Animated Videos, So you can steer clear from seeing the face of trainer, which improves your attention.


2.Your trainer is an expert with 15 years of experience in teaching for competitive exams.


3. You will get the best form of techniques as per Exam Standards in 2020.


4. Here you see how to apply the learned techniques in real life.


5. Here we don’t teach but we train you to solve on your own.


6. We the testprep24 team is available 24*7 to clarify your doubts.


7. Guaranteed Score improvements you can see on a regular basis.


Total Syllabus classification:


1. Vedic Math techniques to improvise your calculation speed.


2. Number Theory and Classifications


3. Arithmetic ( This include the Math which we Use in day today life like Percentages, Ratios and Proportions, Profit and Loss, Simple Interest and Compound Interest, Mixtures, Time Speed and Distance etc)


4. Algebra (Simple Equations, Linear Equations, )


5. Geometry


6. Logical Analysis ( Permutations and Combinations, Probability, Progressions, Logical Sequencing)


7. Statistics, Data Interpretation and Data Sufficiency.


8. Problem Solving Techniques ( This section includes how to eliminate the Answer Choices from Multiple Choice questions without solving them exactly along with Quantitative Comparisons and Data Sufficiency)


Our Target Students are:


Students who wants to improve your Calculation Speed and manage their time during exams


Students who want to save time and improve accuracy


The students who are planning to revise all concepts like Arithmetic , Geometry, Algebra etc.


Who this course is for:

Students appearing for any competitive exams having any thinking and planning to stay ahead of others.

Students who wants to improve your calculation speed and contend their time during exams.

Students who want to save time and improve accuracy by including Vedic Math techniques in their real examinations.

The students who are planning to revise all Arithmetic concepts.

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