Welcome to  Drawing and Designing Creatures, Monsters, Aliens, & Legends

Have you ever struggled with creating a creature that looks right? You know, that perfect balance between your imagination, and reality? Something that could easily be pictured stomping through a city squishing innocent masses? A monster so believable that people will stop and stare at the page?

Well, this course is for you! In this class, we learn how to apply real world lessons to the fantasy. We combine the beasts and legends of old, with actual, practical, examples. With over 7 hours of video content, I walk you though step by step understanding creature anatomy, and even movement!! These lessons will help make your fantasy creatures more believable, and make sure they pop off the page like you intend!

So join me, and let’s get to creating some really awesome stuff!

This course has the following units:

So, are you ready to start making what legends are made of? Ready to bring your dreams… and nightmares to life??

*note, I’ve recently added Dinosaurs to the mix. While not exactly fantasy creatures, I figure they fit into this raucous bunch quite nicely.


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