Master course in Account-based marketing (ABM) 2.0

What is account-based marketing (ABM)?

ABM is a marketing strategy that focuses on a set of target accounts within a market. The marketing message is personalized for each account based on its specific attributes and needs.

In ABM marketing, marketing extends beyond just lead generation. You can get the most value from your biggest accounts by upselling and cross-selling them.

Account-based marketing: what it’s all about

B2B companies targeting key accounts are increasingly using account-based marketing. Account-based marketing is very effective for companies trying to sell to large accounts with long sales cycles and large deal sizes.

An approach that’s tailored to you

With personalized messaging, marketers take what they know about their customers and tailor the creative assets of their campaign to their specific attributes and needs.

Alignment between sales and marketing :  Marketing and sales teams work together on account-based marketing, identifying target accounts, customizing campaigns for them, aligning and moving accounts through the funnel before and after lead conversion.

Cycles are shorter : Multiple stakeholders are involved in major purchases. As a result, the sales process usually slows down, since it starts at a lower level in the organization and moves slowly up. All prospects are nurtured simultaneously in account-based marketing, so the cycle is shortened.

Getting a better ROI : The highest ROI of all B2B marketing tactics comes from account-based marketing. Account-based marketing delivers higher returns than any other marketing method, according to 85% of marketers who measure ROI.

Resources aren’t wasted : A small number of accounts are given a lot of attention and resources. Previously wasted resources are freed up. This course will explain about the Account-Based Marketing, ABM, B2B Marketing and B2B Sales, Connecting the sales and marketing with demand generation and lead generation along with ABM Strategy.

The following lectures will be covered in this course:

1. Introduction and Importance of Account-Based Marketing (ABM) 2.0

2. Types and ABM strategy for B2B, Lead Generation Vs Demand Generation of ABM

3. Benefits of the framework and account-based marketing tactics

4. Establish an Account-Based Marketing Strategy for your business

5. Account-Based Marketing tools, channels, funnels, budget and content strategy

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