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2021: Macroeconomics in the World Today


April 2021 update: New section added but – warning! – this includes homework. If you’re keen on participating and discussing (with Instructor interaction) then this course is ideal BUT if you just want to watch videos and never post in Q/A this is not for you!


LATEST ADDITION: In-depth analysis of the ECONOMICS of Donald Trump and Joe Biden. Up to date as at 27th October 2020. Who knows – this may influence the way some people vote!!


This course looks at the two economies of the UK and the USA as they stand in early June 2019. During the visit to the UK by President Trump we look at the two economies – the one the UK PM is leaving behind as a legacy and the one President Trump is (temporarily) departing from.


As part of the analysis we apply basic macroeconomic concepts.


Key topic areas include:


National debt














This course is fully up to date and will be of interest to anyone interested in current, real world, economics


Just added: July 2019:


Workbook: Economics and decluttering






Chapter 1 : The economics of decluttering


Chapter 2: Decluttering the company


Chapter 3: How to declutter like an Economist


Chapter 4: Buy less…


Chapter 5: The economics of tidying up


Chapter 6: Declutter your business


Chapter 7: Mistakes people make when decluttering


Chapter 8: The Kondo Effect: the economy-changing magic of tidying up










Sunk costs


Costs of clutter


Marie Kondo


5S lean manufacturing


Lean management


Declutter your mail inbox


Declutter your home office


Wasting time and opportunities


Thinking like an economist


A rich life with less stuff




How much is enough


The art of letting go




Status quo bias


Diminishing returns


Decluttering mistakes






Minimalism and economics: the endowment effect


Two new workbooks have been added – one for Christmas 2019 and one for New Year 2020


Who this course is for:

Those interested in world economic events – especially UK and USA

Floating voters eligible to vote in the 2020 Presidential election – who might be swayed by Economic debate!

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