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This huge course is designed both for beginners and expert-level students. This is a long & comprehensive video series that covers every topic on SAT. Though now on SAT DIgital, students are allowed to use a calculator throughout the test, this course will teach how to get rid of it and perform every calculation without a calculator. Almost every question in this course has been solved without using a calculator so that students can learn how they can save time. Most of the students complain that they can not understand the word problems on SAT. Keeping this problem in view, a large quantity of multiple word problems has been included in the course. Various sources have been brought into use for compiling this course and all the PDFs have been added along with the videos of the topics.

Three mega general tests have been added with a solution and an explanation. Every test consists of 40 advanced-level questions. In these tests, all types of word problems have been addressed in detail.

Three practice tests from the college board site have also been added and every question has been solved and more tests are coming soon. The target is to solve all 10 tests that have been provided on the college board website. This course will be extended to around 50 hours in the coming weeks.

Some students always have issues with quadratic functions. A full section for quadratics has been added at the end with a detailed discussion using textbook problems & examples. This will clear all the ambiguities regarding quadratic functions.

This SAT Math course is beyond students’ expectations.

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